Anti-Ageing Set

Anti-Ageing Set


The perfect anti-ageing skincare kit from Medk8 that is suitable for all skin types. Start the morning by cleansing with gentleCleanse to remove impurities. Then apply a few drops of CE-Tetra to help prevent skin photogenic, fine lines & pigmentation. Follow with a few drops of Hydr8 B5 for a hydration boost finished with Hydr8 day 360 SPF 15 for complete moisture.

In the evening cleansing with gentleCleanse followed by a few drops of Retinol 3TR to combat the first signs of ageing.


Anti-ageing Kit Contains

40ml - gentleCleanse

15ml - Hydr8 B5

3ml - CE-Tetra

3ml - Retinol 3TR

5ml - Hydr8 Day 360 SPF 15

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